Blackstar Online for Canada October 12 2013

Hi there and welcome to our online boutique. Our goal with this online store is to bring the online world our used and consignment items as well as anything that we sell new that is unique and/or hard to find a good supply of online and easily available to the Canadian market in particular. While our brick and mortar store carries all sorts of other products, we have opted to concentrate on our used stuff and unique items rather then offer the world one more place to buy strings online. We hope that you enjoy it and maybe even find something cool to buy.

One product line that we don't see a lot of of online is the Blackstar Amplifier line. In our store, we love these amps and they have been very popular with our customers. Furthermore, we get lots of interest from people all over the country who are trying to buy these amps but can't find a local dealer. In any case, we love the amps and we are happy to offer them for sale in our online boutique. Beyond amps, Blackstar has recently come out with a killer line of inexpensive pedals for players of all levels. These will also be available soon in the boutique.

For complete information on the Blackstar products click here to visit their website.