Gibson Les Paul Traditional - Nash Conversion ... on the way! March 19 2015

This is not our first time sending a brand new Gibson Les Paul to Bill Nash of Nash Guitars for him to perform a full conversion. In fact, we've done it 5 or 6 times over the past few years. Even though, it's always exciting. It's not that we don't know with a great deal of certainty that we are going to get a really cool, nicer playing version of the guitar we sent back, because we do. I guess it's the surprise factor. We never know what the guitar will look like until we open the case back up in our store. This is in part because Bill Nash won't decide on how to refinish the guitar until he gets it and strips it right down to the wood. Only then will he decide. I think the other reason that they keep it a secret is that it makes the whole process a bit more fun! Bottom line, Bill Nash is a bit of guitar making magician and all of his creations/conversions are awesome looking and and even nicer to play. We've got the pins and the needles with all the excitement as we wait :) For more detailed information on the whole conversion process click here.

Here is a picture of the guitar, as it was when we sent it. It is a brand new 2014 Gibson Les Paul Traditional.