Fender is finally coming to KAOS! February 13 2015

As many already know, we announced last week that we have recently been appointed Toronto's newest Fender Guitar dealer. This is great news for our customers and us, as a business. Fender products are undeniably some of the worlds most sought after items, both instruments and amplifiers. We are sure to do well with them in terms of selling them and our customers are obviously going to benefit from having more local access to some of their favorite items. 

Some have asked, why now? KAOS has been around for over 25 years, why would you wait to get Fender until now or why would Fender not give it to you until now? Both good questions with not so simple answers. To answer the first question, why would we wait .. the answer is that we had to. Simply put, until now, Fender simply did not want/need another dealer in our physical location. It's not that they didn't discuss it with us or they that they didn't like us, on the contrary.  The musical instrument business is like no other and it's market penetration is quite small. So, maintaining a balance of dealers in the marketplace vs. the number of customers in the marketplace is a delicate matter. Up until 7 or 8 years ago, very little was changing in the music business and in the Toronto marketplace. Then when the economic world crashed in 2008 a lot began to change. Dealers closed, the online marketplace took off, the worlds economies made some massive adjustments etc. During this time, many companies, mine and Fender included made a ton of changes just to stay in business and set themselves up to prosper once the economy recovered. Now that the economy is doing better and things have started to settle down it made sense for Fender to look at expanding their dealer network in Toronto and I am sure elsewhere all over the world. For us, the timing was almost perfect. Had they approached us 4 years ago, I'm not sure that we would have been able to swing it. In any case, answering question one pretty much answers question 2. Starting a new relationship with any new company always has to be a nice combination of good intentions and right timing. With us at this point in time, Fender was a perfect fit. They felt that it was time to expand their market reach and we were in a good position to add such a significant line to our store. Bottom line, good for everyone.  

Thanks Fender ... looking forward to a long a prosperous partnership!