PRS SE Models Touch Down at KAOS November 03 2014

 As of about a week ago, we are now officially a PRS dealer. We've just received our first shipment of SE models .. and .. they're pretty awesome. Models that we have in stock now include SE 245 Gold, SE Vintage Yellow, SE 245 Soapbar Tobacco sunburst, SE Custom Saphire, Custom Vintage Yellow, SE Floyd Rose, SE Marty Friedman and a pair of Santana models. 

These guitars are well known to be versatile and great sounding both live and in the studio. It goes without saying that they are just about all fantastic looking. As well, their build quality is time tested and proven. Each has its own particular flavour so it makes sense to give the different models a try to find which one might suit you. We've got a pretty good cross section of the models in stock and it will only continue to expand.