Just In .. G&L Legacy in Shoreline Gold October 07 2014





  It's no secret that all of us here at KAOS Music are fans of the G&L product, have been since before G&L was even that well known in Canada. Like all products, various models tend to go in and out of favour. For years, the Legacy model (the G&L equivalent of a Fender Strat) was the model to have, it was all anyone wanted to talk about. There was a time when the S500 (the more aggressive sounding Legacy) started to gain popularity. In recent years, the ASAT (G&L's answer to the Fender Tele) has been the model to have. All that said, seems like maybe the pendulum is starting to swing back towards the Legacy model. In the past year or so we have concentrated on the ASAT models at the expense of the Legacy. Feeling the absence of the Legacy, I ordered two US versions of the Legacy, one of which is this particular Shoreline Gold version. I have to honestly and a bit embarassingly admit that I had forgotten how superb these guitars really are. In any case, this one has a vintage tint on the neck and is nothing short of fantastic. We just shot a video featuring it which you can view here and it is also available in our online boutique here

If you haven't had a chance to check these guitars out before, now is your chance. We've got two of them in the store now along with a bunch of other beautiful guitars from G&L.