Recording Gear now online August 09 2014

While most people would say that we are primarily a guitar and keyboard shop, we do a lot of business in the digital recording world. We tend to focus on the home studio level gear which appeals to the majority of enthusiasts and pros alike. With this in mind, we decided to post the most popular products that we sell here in our online boutique for everyone to have access to. For newbies and even experienced recording people, choosing gear can give the most knowledgeable person a headache. There is a head spinning amount of products available and it's no surprise that in the online world, they all are the best :) We have a good deal of experience with many of the products available and would be happy to assist you in wadding through the options. Feel free to get in touch with us by phone or email, we'd be happy to help. 

In the meantime, enjoy the new products here in our online store.