A Rare Evil Robot! April 10 2014

Tone Americana Evil Robot C30 18W/30W Combo

Created for renowned LA-based, Canadian born session ace and guitar wizard Phil X, the Evil Robot C30 is the offshore-built version of Phil’s signature Evil Robot amp built by John Kasha of Kasha Amplifiers. Originally based off of Phil’s “secret weapon” amp, (a ‘50s Magnatone Tonemaster) the Evil Robot C30 adds many useable, real-world features to an already classic sounding amp.  Some of these features include a master volume knob, 2 foot-switchable channels, a tube-buffered effects loop, and a simple switch to flip between 18- and 30-watt modes.  It’s the perfect amp for anyone who just wants to crank up and rock out Phil X style! This is our last amp EVR C30 .. We believe that production has no concluded so this one is a bit rare!