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Yamaha's New Big Boy Digital Amp! December 02 2015

For those with short memories, you won't remember Yamaha's last attempt at higher power guitar amps, the DG series. In a few words, they were really good and I think that they enjoyed reasonable success in the market. For whatever reason, the DG series was shelved and we haven't heard anything from Yamaha (even though they purchased Line 6) since. Over the past few years, the only guitar amp product that they have had has been the THR line of practice or warm up amps. This line is fantastic sounding and has done very well in the market and continues to do so. With a maximum power output of only 15 watts, the THR series only address a small part of the guitar playing public until now ... Hot off the press is the THR 100 HD which takes Yamaha's existing VCM modeling technology and expands on it by adding a digital power section to the mix. All combined up into a 100 watt head this new format offers not only performance level volume but supreme versatility and most importantly incredible sound for a digital amplifier.

The THR100HD offers two discrete pre-amp sections each with 5 possible amp models from solid state to ultra high gain crunch. The power amp section allows users to select one of 5 possible tube setups plus either class a or class ab setups. Users can run the pre-amps as two separate and switchable amps or they can stack one on top of the other for all sorts of possible tones. Both amps feature reverb and a booster all foot-switchable with the included foot-switch. For the editor crazy people, the amp can be connected via USB to an editor for more detailed editing and patch storage.

One can use any cabinet but Yamaha has come out with two great options, either a 112 or a 221 both of which feature Eminence speakers.

How does it sound? Well, that's tricky to articulate and many of you wouldn't take my word for it anyhow. That said, I will say that in my humble opinion this amp sounds every bit as good and in many cases better then its tube competitors. With that and the fact that you get so much versatility in one box, I really think that Yamaha has hit a home run with this amp. It's not cheap, you'll pay close to $1000 for a basic set up but like I said, compared to a typical tube amp you get a lot more in this box. You'll have to try it for yourself and while I can't guarantee that you'll buy one, I'm sure you'll agree that it is very very good.


Gibson Les Paul Traditional - Nash Conversion ... on the way! March 19 2015

This is not our first time sending a brand new Gibson Les Paul to Bill Nash of Nash Guitars for him to perform a full conversion. In fact, we've done it 5 or 6 times over the past few years. Even though, it's always exciting. It's not that we don't know with a great deal of certainty that we are going to get a really cool, nicer playing version of the guitar we sent back, because we do. I guess it's the surprise factor. We never know what the guitar will look like until we open the case back up in our store. This is in part because Bill Nash won't decide on how to refinish the guitar until he gets it and strips it right down to the wood. Only then will he decide. I think the other reason that they keep it a secret is that it makes the whole process a bit more fun! Bottom line, Bill Nash is a bit of guitar making magician and all of his creations/conversions are awesome looking and and even nicer to play. We've got the pins and the needles with all the excitement as we wait :) For more detailed information on the whole conversion process click here.

Here is a picture of the guitar, as it was when we sent it. It is a brand new 2014 Gibson Les Paul Traditional.

A Work In Progress February 13 2015

It's no secret that the way the world shops has been changing for some time now. Depending on which source you trust, the rate of this change varies from lightning fast to moderately slow. Whatever the true rate of change is, the one truth is that it is indeed changing. To keep pace with this change in consumer demand we too must change the way we present our products to our potential customers. With this in mind we have set out to list all of the products in our store, here on our e-commerce site. Not just generic versions of an instrument, the actual one that we have in our store at any given moment. This way, if you decide to purchase a Gibson Les Paul or a Fender Strat you will be getting the actual guitar that you see in the pictures. This type of individual listing takes time and the pictures take lots of time to process but we believe that this type of online listings will be better for our potential customers. In any case, we appreciate your business and we hope to continue serving you at our usual high levels regardless of whether you are literally in our store or shopping from you back porch. 

Thanks for your patiences as we continue to build and improve our online boutique for your shopping experience with us. 

Fender is finally coming to KAOS! February 13 2015

As many already know, we announced last week that we have recently been appointed Toronto's newest Fender Guitar dealer. This is great news for our customers and us, as a business. Fender products are undeniably some of the worlds most sought after items, both instruments and amplifiers. We are sure to do well with them in terms of selling them and our customers are obviously going to benefit from having more local access to some of their favorite items. 

Some have asked, why now? KAOS has been around for over 25 years, why would you wait to get Fender until now or why would Fender not give it to you until now? Both good questions with not so simple answers. To answer the first question, why would we wait .. the answer is that we had to. Simply put, until now, Fender simply did not want/need another dealer in our physical location. It's not that they didn't discuss it with us or they that they didn't like us, on the contrary.  The musical instrument business is like no other and it's market penetration is quite small. So, maintaining a balance of dealers in the marketplace vs. the number of customers in the marketplace is a delicate matter. Up until 7 or 8 years ago, very little was changing in the music business and in the Toronto marketplace. Then when the economic world crashed in 2008 a lot began to change. Dealers closed, the online marketplace took off, the worlds economies made some massive adjustments etc. During this time, many companies, mine and Fender included made a ton of changes just to stay in business and set themselves up to prosper once the economy recovered. Now that the economy is doing better and things have started to settle down it made sense for Fender to look at expanding their dealer network in Toronto and I am sure elsewhere all over the world. For us, the timing was almost perfect. Had they approached us 4 years ago, I'm not sure that we would have been able to swing it. In any case, answering question one pretty much answers question 2. Starting a new relationship with any new company always has to be a nice combination of good intentions and right timing. With us at this point in time, Fender was a perfect fit. They felt that it was time to expand their market reach and we were in a good position to add such a significant line to our store. Bottom line, good for everyone.  

Thanks Fender ... looking forward to a long a prosperous partnership!

PRS SE Models Touch Down at KAOS November 03 2014

 As of about a week ago, we are now officially a PRS dealer. We've just received our first shipment of SE models .. and .. they're pretty awesome. Models that we have in stock now include SE 245 Gold, SE Vintage Yellow, SE 245 Soapbar Tobacco sunburst, SE Custom Saphire, Custom Vintage Yellow, SE Floyd Rose, SE Marty Friedman and a pair of Santana models. 

These guitars are well known to be versatile and great sounding both live and in the studio. It goes without saying that they are just about all fantastic looking. As well, their build quality is time tested and proven. Each has its own particular flavour so it makes sense to give the different models a try to find which one might suit you. We've got a pretty good cross section of the models in stock and it will only continue to expand. 

Just In .. G&L Legacy in Shoreline Gold October 07 2014





  It's no secret that all of us here at KAOS Music are fans of the G&L product, have been since before G&L was even that well known in Canada. Like all products, various models tend to go in and out of favour. For years, the Legacy model (the G&L equivalent of a Fender Strat) was the model to have, it was all anyone wanted to talk about. There was a time when the S500 (the more aggressive sounding Legacy) started to gain popularity. In recent years, the ASAT (G&L's answer to the Fender Tele) has been the model to have. All that said, seems like maybe the pendulum is starting to swing back towards the Legacy model. In the past year or so we have concentrated on the ASAT models at the expense of the Legacy. Feeling the absence of the Legacy, I ordered two US versions of the Legacy, one of which is this particular Shoreline Gold version. I have to honestly and a bit embarassingly admit that I had forgotten how superb these guitars really are. In any case, this one has a vintage tint on the neck and is nothing short of fantastic. We just shot a video featuring it which you can view here and it is also available in our online boutique here

If you haven't had a chance to check these guitars out before, now is your chance. We've got two of them in the store now along with a bunch of other beautiful guitars from G&L. 

What have we been doing? September 29 2014

Well, it's been a while since our last blog post but that's not because we've slacking .. well okay, it was a pretty nice summer so we slacked a bit. But, it's mostly because we had been working on our new and vastly improved website. Our old site was based on some pretty dated software and we had lots of issues staying compliant with the ever changing world wide web, so .. we decided to re-build it using the newest technology which will also continue to stay current forever because it's cloud based and we'll be paying for it forever :) That said, this newly improved version will give us the ability to feature more products, add content more frequently and bring to life a number of new customer-centric features. We hope that you take a moment to check it out and visit frequently to enjoy the new content that will start to flow almost immediately.


Recording Gear now online August 09 2014

While most people would say that we are primarily a guitar and keyboard shop, we do a lot of business in the digital recording world. We tend to focus on the home studio level gear which appeals to the majority of enthusiasts and pros alike. With this in mind, we decided to post the most popular products that we sell here in our online boutique for everyone to have access to. For newbies and even experienced recording people, choosing gear can give the most knowledgeable person a headache. There is a head spinning amount of products available and it's no surprise that in the online world, they all are the best :) We have a good deal of experience with many of the products available and would be happy to assist you in wadding through the options. Feel free to get in touch with us by phone or email, we'd be happy to help. 

In the meantime, enjoy the new products here in our online store.


JUST IN - G&L ASAT Classic S April 17 2014

Among others, we just received this awesome G&L ASAT Classic S. Finished in butterscotch blonde with a black pick guard it's not only fantastic sounding it's darn pretty as well. With a maple neck and G&L Alnico single coil pick ups to complete the package. Comes with a deluxe tolex hardshell case and all the original documentation. Click here for more details

A Rare Evil Robot! April 10 2014

Tone Americana Evil Robot C30 18W/30W Combo

Created for renowned LA-based, Canadian born session ace and guitar wizard Phil X, the Evil Robot C30 is the offshore-built version of Phil’s signature Evil Robot amp built by John Kasha of Kasha Amplifiers. Originally based off of Phil’s “secret weapon” amp, (a ‘50s Magnatone Tonemaster) the Evil Robot C30 adds many useable, real-world features to an already classic sounding amp.  Some of these features include a master volume knob, 2 foot-switchable channels, a tube-buffered effects loop, and a simple switch to flip between 18- and 30-watt modes.  It’s the perfect amp for anyone who just wants to crank up and rock out Phil X style! This is our last amp EVR C30 .. We believe that production has no concluded so this one is a bit rare!

The John Mayer OMJM Video Review April 02 2014

Jay takes a close look at one of Martin's nicest OM shaped guitar. Click here to view in our boutique.

Rickenbacker 620 Just In .. Video Review April 02 2014

Lou shows off a mint condition Rickenbacker 620 electric in this weeks Video Gear Review.
Click here to view in our boutique.

Blackstar Online for Canada October 12 2013

Hi there and welcome to our online boutique. Our goal with this online store is to bring the online world our used and consignment items as well as anything that we sell new that is unique and/or hard to find a good supply of online and easily available to the Canadian market in particular. While our brick and mortar store carries all sorts of other products, we have opted to concentrate on our used stuff and unique items rather then offer the world one more place to buy strings online. We hope that you enjoy it and maybe even find something cool to buy.

One product line that we don't see a lot of of online is the Blackstar Amplifier line. In our store, we love these amps and they have been very popular with our customers. Furthermore, we get lots of interest from people all over the country who are trying to buy these amps but can't find a local dealer. In any case, we love the amps and we are happy to offer them for sale in our online boutique. Beyond amps, Blackstar has recently come out with a killer line of inexpensive pedals for players of all levels. These will also be available soon in the boutique.

For complete information on the Blackstar products click here to visit their website.